Residential Locksmith Services

Home Services:

If you are locked out, need your locks rekeyed or replaced - no problem. For sliding glass door security we offer the Cal lock. Many break-ins start with the bad guys kicking in a door. To prevent this we offer the Strikemaster 2. It is a great product to prevent kick ins and a economical way to repair doors with a split jamb. We also stock Schlage and Kwikset electronic locks.

Home Owners & Realtor

For the home owners or Realtor we offer our mobile locksmith service.

"Locked Out"

If you are locked out or need your locks re-keyed, we are available.

Additional Security

For additional security on your house we can install deadbolts.

Sliding Glass Doors

For sliding glass doors we stock the Cal Lock. To prevent kick ins we offer the Strikemaster 2.